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21 Jun 2018
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Panama City Beach is the home of extraordinary sea life! Whether you are a certified diver or not there are activities that you can do. The Book That Condo team wants to share these great places and great organizations with you! 

st. andrew's state park

The #1 spot that you can go snorkeling is St. Andrews State Park at the Jettys. The rocks, called The Jettys, hold the pass open for boats to enter and exit St. Andrews Bay. All you need is a snorkel and some goggles to be able to see the sea life that lives below. The Park is open all year long. The address is: Panama City, Florida 11213

try scuba diving

If you would like a guided tour you can check out Try Scuba Diving. They offer diving tours that do not require any diving experience or a dive certification. They can document your whole experience as well! They can take you to various wrecks that are along the coast. For more information check out their Facebook page: @DivingPanamaCity or give them a call: (850) 238-2375.